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Just recently, a member of the MySQL++ mailing list did some research on what all is available as far as MySQL API's go. Here is a result of their findings:

- Posted By Franz Alt -

Since there are some reasons to look at other APIs for MySQL and C++ I looked at some alternatives:

Best (stable, maybe bug free) one might be th use the original C API, which is quite similiar to the Perl and PHP APIs.

Some other C++/MySQL Projekts I found at "sourceforge"

mysqlcppapi is a branch of the MySQL++ project. This branch was created in order to continue the development of the library.

The MySQL Simple Object Wrapper (mysqlsow) is a C++ library that provides a simple wrapper for the MySQL C API.

DBConnect API is an easy to use C++ object API to allow applications to connect to DBMS. The API currently implements msql, MySQL, Oracle8, ODBC and PostGreSQL drivers in the Unix environments and MySQL, Oracle8 and ODBC in the Windows environment.

This project is intended to create a win32 api library with MySQL functionality that can be used with windows development tools to interface with an mysql database (ie: MS Visual Basic, MS Visual C++)

MySQLaux provides a few easy-to-use classes to facilitate the communication with a MySQL database server. The class methods are linked together as a library and should be used together with the mysqlclient library of the original MySQL distribution.

MySQL ActiveX Connector
This program provides MySQL database access through a simplistic COM object that does not require ODBC drivers. Provides fast native access through C/C++ provided libraries with benefits of COM environment and return variables.

GUI Front-End written in C++ and QT for MySQL Database Servers.

A free simple .NET compliant MySQL driver. Made in C# but it would be used in all .NET compatible languages (VB.NET, Managed C++,...)

Oracle, ODBC, DB2-CLI Template Library (OTL). Provides C++ stream like interface to relational databases (SQL), like Oracle, MS SQL Server, DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Interbase, etc. Multi-database, multi-platform, portable, high performance.

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